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[45 min]

Creating Change at the Systems Level

Collectively, our work is making a dramatic difference in the lives of fathers and families — both at the individual level (through direct services) and at the organization level (through program implementation and leadership). This interactive session is designed to…

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Real Impacts: How Fathers Contribute to Community Success

In this facilitated discussion, we’ll delve deeper into the impacts of the fatherhood field and how communities are being positively transformed by fatherhood programs. This includes an activity where we’ll learn to assess partnerships and engage the community in how…

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The Lasting Commitment to Fathers

Bringing a variety of practitioners and leaders around the table is a unique opportunity for our community. When we do come together, it's important to understand and reaffirm our shared vision toward serving fathers and families. During this engaging, reflective…

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Creating Father-Friendly Services

The presence of a loving, engaged father is a powerful force for child well-being. But programs, services, and community outreach efforts aren’t always optimized for connecting with and serving dads. In this Community Matchbook session, we’ll share practical ideas for…

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Community Fathers, Community Lives

Fathers play a crucial role in family and community well-being. During this interactive session, we’ll hear about the evolving perceptions of fathers in American society over the decades. As we reflect on our personal perspectives about fatherhood, we’ll discuss how…

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Kindle the Flame of Father Involvement

Fathers are vital to child and family well-being in crucial ways linked to better academic, behavioral, and health outcomes for kids. These positive impacts hold true across various types of father figures, including biological fathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, or other…

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