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Ignite a Fatherhood FLAME in your community!

FLAME Community Conversations are high-energy, interactive forums for father-serving providers, advocates, and community leaders.

The FLAME Starter Kit makes Community Conversations happen with...
Exclusive Content Exclusive Content
Bring the nation’s foremost experts and brightest ideas to your stage. The FLAME Starter Kit offers access to cutting-edge content in a uniquely engaging package.
Exclusive Content Tailored to Your Needs
Every community has different needs. The FLAME Starter Kit lets you create an event the size you want, when you want, where you want. It also lets you choose which content is most relevant to your audience and build an event agenda to suit.
Easy to Implement Easy to Implement
The FLAME Starter Kit guides you through all the steps of hosting your own Community Conversations event. Now it’s possible — even with a modest staff and budget — to create an incredible, high-profile fatherhood event in your community.

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The FREE Starter Kit Includes

  • High-quality video presentations
  • Interactive session content
  • Event planning tips and how-to guides
  • Sample event schedules
  • Handouts and facilitator guides
  • Design templates

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Families need fathers. And your community needs you. Become a FLAME Champion to host a FLAME Community Conversations event.

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Sample Kit Content

The starter kit includes all the session content and planning materials you need to produce a local fatherhood event. Full kit contents are available to approved Champions.

Focusing the Fatherhood FLAME

Family | Leadership | Affirming Marriage | Employment

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