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[60 min]

Dads Matter

Touchdown for fatherhood! This session features a compelling interview by Mark Merill with father and former NFL head coach Tony Dungy about how commitment to fathers is key to keeping us all moving forward. Dungy will share from his own…

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Ensuring Whole Dad Success

In this enlightening panel discussion, four nationally respected experts in marriage, healthy relationships, employment, and fatherhood will highlight the interwoven nature of these components — and how they collectively lead to “Whole Dad Success.” The panel provides thought-provoking research and…

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Success Stories from the Field

We’ve seen the power of responsible fatherhood to positively transform families and communities. But how do we work together to ensure effective services to fathers across all levels of government as well as at private and nonprofit entities? This session…

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Forge Ahead and Succeed

Learn how to turn small actions into big change in this insightful conversation between two widely respected fatherhood field leaders. In this Campfire Story, Osborne and Perry will share how far the field has come, inspire future leaders, and the…

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Voices of Fatherhood

Voices of fatherhood are active throughout the nation. In programs across the country, fatherhood services are making a real difference in the lives of men and their families. During this session, these voices are elevated to inspire and remind attendees…

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Make It Work for Your Community

Strong partnerships are inseparable from effective service provision. Hear from Good+ Foundation founder Jessica Seinfeld and community leader Joe Jones about how they make it work for the Baltimore community. Discover how to enact meaningful change at the community level…

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